Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sally reports from SSSH!!Silent Sound Show

Hello hello sweeties!!! Sally here again with another club report from the most fabulous city on the planet.
Why, Athens off course darlings! Friday night was the night for fabulous people like moi to go to the silent sound show party @ bios, such a wonderful establishment I can't get enough of it, my goodness!!! And the gorgeous party-goers sweeties, oh the fabulousness was overflowing like vomit from a drunk's mouth!

see for yourselves sweeties:

mmmm feisty!!!

highlight of the ENTIRE night darlings? well, dj blend who was blowing his horn every 2 seconds sweeties!!!
how uber fabulous!!! you don't know what clubbing is until you've had your eardrums blown out by a sexy man with a plan (or a horn)!!!

♥ and kisses sweeties!!!


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