Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sally reports from SSSH!!Silent Sound Show

Hello hello sweeties!!! Sally here again with another club report from the most fabulous city on the planet.
Why, Athens off course darlings! Friday night was the night for fabulous people like moi to go to the silent sound show party @ bios, such a wonderful establishment I can't get enough of it, my goodness!!! And the gorgeous party-goers sweeties, oh the fabulousness was overflowing like vomit from a drunk's mouth!

see for yourselves sweeties:

mmmm feisty!!!

highlight of the ENTIRE night darlings? well, dj blend who was blowing his horn every 2 seconds sweeties!!!
how uber fabulous!!! you don't know what clubbing is until you've had your eardrums blown out by a sexy man with a plan (or a horn)!!!

♥ and kisses sweeties!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sally goes shoes 2

Hello my beloved ones. I couldn't help it today, as I was designing, suddenly the girl from Filippines that cleans my office, came in. I have never even seen her face, but I saw her shoes, while I was trying to reach my pencil under my desk (Don't ask how!)

piece of ART! Don't you love it?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sally goes SHOES!

My beloved Fashionbabinus, I was doing my daily Netyatayata and  I found those extrauberfab Versace Sagionaraboots.
Oh my, Oh my ... God help the Python!!! Love youuu

sally reports from yid!sid!bloggers delight

oh my fabulous darlings what a night I've had!
the most fabulous and gorgeous people were all dancing the night away last night at the bloggers delight edition of the fabulous yid!sid!oh yes...
I'll let the photos do the talking sweeties
who is this gorgeous man?the retarded clown look is so hot you know...

photos via facebook darlings

♥ and kisses sweeties

Sally reports from 4FashionShake

Well, hello there sweeties!Sally Spektra here reporting from the fabulousness that was the 4FashionShake event in the fashion capital that is Athens, Greece. Forget London, forget Milan, Paris and all the has-been fashion cities, Athens is the place to be you know.
Oh were to start, were to start my sweets!
First show was from Swedish fashion label Odeur, oh my god sweeties!!Now I'm a major fashion designer as you know but even I couldn't shell out such complicated designs even if I hired all of Stephanie's best designers!!!
see for yourself:

oh the colors!!! the textures!!! I'm just so jealous I didn't think of these designs myself!

oh sweeties I met and gawked at so many gorgeous fashion know I may be a glamorous larger than life goddess but sometimes I feel so ugly and small in front of people like these:

utter fabulousness!!!

stay tuned for more photos of beautiful people and clothes!

lots of ♥ and kisses sweeties