Monday, November 1, 2010

Sally reports from YID!SID! w/ Grum 30/10/2010

OMG sweeties!!! What an amazing night I had with my darling children and off course all of you at the "Yes it does!Sure it does! presents Grum" party!!! I just can't tell you how inspired I was by ALL the beautiful people and the gorgeousness that was overflowing the club...
So, let's get to some photos shall we sweeties? OK...

so gorgeous he got not one but...

two animations! ♥
(click to view)

oh my, sweeties and it doesn't end here! have a look at the FABULOUS party people:

till next time darlings!


Matan said...

Too much of you , is never enough!
Thx for that marvelous night!
so, till next time :)

Liz said...

thanks for being there :)

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